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Jeroen Mulder
Artist | Design & Interfaces
Current Residence: Netherlands
Favourite genre of music: Hardstyle
Favourite style of art: Abstract / Minimalism
MP3 player of choice: Creative Zen Sleek
Update Aug. 30, 2005: I am gone for a while. I am sick of dA. Pathetic.

I remember a time of excitement. I remember a time in which I would look forward to participating in the community called deviantART. I remember a time in which I would look forward to the next version of deviantART. I remember a time in which I would look forward to sharing my deviations on deviantART.

Everything that has happend in the past two to three weeks made me proud. It was exciting to see the huge amount of intelligent dialogue between deviants about serious problems at deviantART. It was exciting to see people fighting for their community. Some did it with art, some with discussions, some in ways I do not approve of. One way or another, we expressed our opinion. Not just any opinion -- an opinion that was directly related to the environment in which they could express it in. For many, an environment that had become a part of their life.

Scott Jarkoff -- jark
Throughout my time here I only had the honour to talk to Scott Jarkoff a couple of times. Some of them in a friendly way, some of them in a heavy discussion -- I have the (annoying) tendency to express an opinion about almost anything. Nonetheless, I've always admired his, matteo's and spyed's work.

jark 'involuntary resignation' is a sad thing. Whether it was justified or not is something I cannot possibly know or care about. I don't pick sides. I only care about the community and I highly doubt that action was of any benefit to the community. Removing co-founders from their life's work is not only unfair to them, but also to their vision. We won't ever see a deviantART the way jark and matteo had envisioned.

To Angelo Sotira: Trust
This isn't just about jark. It's about the entire direction deviantART has been heading to. Seniors, deviants and even administrators have fought for a change of direction for over two years now. As a senior, I've seen many intelligent discussions highlighting problems and offering solutions. Everything that has happend has only been a confirmation of what some had been discussing all along.

For over two years we've been ignored. The community declined. The site has grown into a collection of junk. The gap between the administration and the community has only grown. I've seen deviantART turn into something I am not happy with.

You may talk about the new unity within the administration as much as you like, I couldn't care less. You failed to convince me that anything that has happened in the past and resulted in damaging my trust, will not happen again in the future. You failed to convince me that deviantART's future, under your leadership, is one in which I can love deviantART again.

Business As Usual?
Angelo thinks so. For me it won't. It's pointless. If Angelo doesn't seem to care about solving the many problems, then why should I? If recent events do not even seem to make a difference, then what will?

I've had it with this place. What is so hard about treating the community with respect? Why aren't you listening to the community's needs? Instead, why do you give us crap we haven't asked for? Why are precious volunteers fired without notice?

Why are you so blind?


Why am I still here?

Note: With 'you' I mean the entire newly, unified core administration.
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